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Race to Cover Little Ends

Our team typically meets once or twice a year to discuss our current projects. There are three sub-departments that make up our team with each group led by a director. We always try to support our communities in a charitable event during the time leading up to and during the meeting. This group of professionals is a very generous and very competitive bunch so why not combine our giving efforts with a little friendly competition? The winning team of the competition is awarded with bragging rights for being the team that raised or collected the most funds or items for a predetermined charity.  For this year’s fall meeting we are excited to be working with SWADDLE to help in their efforts to assist low income families by supplying much needed diapers. If you are inspired to help SWADDLE by hosting your own diaper drive, click here.

To donate to the Race to Cover Little Ends, please click on the appropriate team to select items from your wish list.

When you make a purchase through the Amazon Wish Lists, they are delivered directly to SWADDLE and your team will be creditted with the number of diapers purchased.

Lastly, they’d like to have the diaper drive run from now until Saturday, 7/6.


Ready - Set - Go!

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