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Remembering Rhys

Rhys’ life was filled with wonder and so much excitement over every new discovery. His excitement became our excitement and we loved showing the world to him. Life with Rhys was filled with silliness and joy. While he was busy exploring the world around him, we were finding out who this funny, empathetic, and curious boy was that we had the privilege of raising for much too short of a time. 


Rhys was the boy on the playground that would comfort a classmate after a fall - not because anyone was watching and he was looking for praise, but out of genuine concern. If he noticed someone was angry or sad, he would implore that person to ‘be happy’. You got the feeling that it was said not as a plea to avoid trouble, but that it truly pained him to see someone else hurting. Rhys had a light to him and this light is now carried by everyone who knew him - everything we do in honor of our son keeps that light shining. For Rhys’ tenth birthday, we thank everyone who is able to donate to this diaper drive in his name. 

Thank you

for Remembering Rhys!

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