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Ways to Make Donations

The need is so great that we have many ways to help! You can drop off diapers at a local drop off point. Cash donations can be made to help support our organization. Your time is valuable and we appreciate every hour volunteers can give us. We have many other needs like office supplies, facilities, drop off locations, and many more. 

  • You can make a donation of diapers to SWADDLE by clicking on this link to and purchasing diapers. They will be shipped directly to SWADDLE.


  • Host a Diaper Drive. It's easy and we will provide all the resources you need to get it started. Download the Diaper Drive Toolkit on the Diaper Drive page and get ideas to help you.


Help us plan future diaper drives, pick up diapers from drives, inventory diapers, etc.

Other Ways to Help
  • SWADDLE is in need of storage facilities in the Orland/Palos area. If you have extra space and would like to share it, contact us.

  • We would appreciate donations of office supplies, large garbage bags, 

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