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5,000 Diapers Donated by Tinkoff Family in Honor of Son's 1st Birthday

Maryjo Tinkoff is the mother of 1 year old Ollie. As his birthday was approaching she thought about the babies in the Chicagoland area who need diapers and decided to do a diaper drive in honor of her son's first birthday. Maryjo said, "My first child is about to be one in a few weeks and I can't imagine having to make decisions about his diapers versus other fundamentals. My husband and I run a charity for children with special needs in the city so giving is central to our family. My son, Ollie, is very fortunate and doesn't need anything so we've asked all friends and family to donate diapers instead of gifts for his birthday."

She collected nearly 5,000 diapers! That's 5,000 diaper changes for needy babies. Thank you so much to the Tinkoff family and friends for their generosity. And Happy Birthday Ollie! Your parents are setting a wonderful example for you.

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